李繼開 LI JIKAI (b.1975)

Born in Szechuan, China. Li graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Academy of Oil Painting Department in 1999, and received his MFA in Oil Painting from SAFA in 2004. Selected exhibitions include: “Heart and eye: Conceptual Photography form the West of China”, Chongqing and Kunming; “Fun”, Chongqing in 1999; “the opening Exhibition of Chongching Fine Art Museum” and “Oil Painting Exhibition of Chongching”, 2002; “Direction- the series exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute”, “Eclipse-Li Jikai and Liu Jing”, 2003; “Backpacker, Hong Kong & Chongqing Art Exchange” and “Ideal of New Generation”, He Ziangning Art Museum, 2004; "Mood of the Youth—Exhibition of Rewarded Paintings of Chinese Newly Emerging Artists", He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen,2004; "Next Stop, Cartoon?", Gallery 3818, 2005; "Variable Images—Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings Invitational Exhibition", Shanghai Art Museum, 2006; ”Boy and His Mirror Image”, Germany, 2007 ; "Clear ─ Li Jikai Solo Exhibition", Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2008; "Small Worlds: Paintings of Li Jikai ", Art Seasons Lake Zurich, 2008.

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