周榮生 ZHOU RONGSHENG (b.1951)

Born in Kailu, Inner Mongolia, Zhou Rong Sheng is a native from Funing, Hebei. Graduated from The Normal University of Beijing in 1985, he is currently a council of the Chinese Artist Association; Chairman of Inner Mongolia Artist Association; Vice Chairman of the Literature Association of Inner Mongolia; Director of the Chinese Painting Association of Inner Mongolia; and the National Graded A Art Instructor; a sponsored Level A Art Instructor and a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association. He was recognized as one of the “hundred talented artists” by the Chinese Artist Association in China. His artworks won “National Art Exhibition” three times and the “Sarina” Award by the Inner Mongolia institute in 1997. He has held personal exhibitions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan since 1988, and held co-exhibitions in the United Stated, Soviet Union, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Egypt. His artworks were often sent abroad to exhibit and attended the French Art Salon and the 2nd Asia Art Expo in Hong Kong. Many art pieces are collected by international art institutes and personal collectors.


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