林良材 LIN LIANGTSAI (b.1947)

Lin Liang-Tsai was born in Changhua, Taiwan in 1947. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan University of Arts, and later enrolled in the Sculpture Department at the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels in 1984. He obtained the Professional Artist Award and the Award of Royal Academy of Arts. Although he was born deaf and mute, he is very gifted in portraying “People” through his sculptures. In his early years he was taught by artists like Yang San Lang, Liao Chi Chun, Li Mei Shu, Lee Tze Fan and Ruili Hong. Among the many renowned teachers he had, he was the most influenced by Liao Chi Chun. At forty years old he transitioned from oil painting to metal sculpture as his main source of medium. He participated in International sculpture exhibitions in Belgium, Korea, Germany, and on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. His works are now in the collection of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Belgium Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and other important art institutes ands museum.

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