林飛龍 LAM WIFREDO (1902-1982)

Born in Cuban, he was the ethnic Chinese artist. Lam's father was born in Guangdong, China. His mother was Cuban aboriginal that combination of African and Indian. He was interested in painting in childhood. In  1918 , enrolled in École nationale d'administration(ENA). In 1923, he went to Madrid, Spain to research art.In 1938, he immigrated to Paris, his made celebrity that Picasso and Andre Breton frequent exchanged and absorbed the thinking and techniques of Cubism. After that the Picasso became his very good friends. In 1941, he left Paris to New York. In 1942, he went back to Cuban and he performed in the painting what he interested in Tropical virgin forests and West Indies voodoo. Since 1942, he held solo exhibition in Paris Pierre Gallery every year. His works' distinctive style is in the limelight. Finally he won the Guggenheim International Art Award in 1964. Therefore he became the important constituent of Surréalisme after Second World War. He also occupies an important position in the history of modern art.

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