林書楷 LIN SHUKAI (b.1983)

After graduating from the Fine Arts Department at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Lin Shu-Kai remained at the school for his Master’s degree also in Fine Arts. In 2010, he participated in the “New Taipei City Banqiao 435 Artists-in-Residence Program.” In 2013, he took part in “Taipei’s Artist Village- Treasure Hill” and “GlogauAIR Artists-in-Residence Program” in Berlin. His exhibition records include: “Asynchronous States- AIA Asia in Independent Asia” (2013, VT ARTSALON, Taipei); “Taiwan-Vietnam Artist Exchange Plan” (2012, ZeroStation, Vietnam); “Taipei Biennial Exhibition – Formosa Wall Painting Group” (2012, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan); “Tokyo Art Fair” (2014, Tokyo Convention Center, Japan); “Cross-Strait Young Artists/ Taipei: The Lost Garden” (2014, Eslite Gallery, Taiwan); “Ease Asian Contemporary Youth Artist’ Art Works Collected Exhibition- The Starting Gear” (2014, Dynasty Gallery, Taiwan); “Make Sense” (2015, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan); “Dreams, Habitation: Young Art Collection Exhibition” (2015, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan); “Limitless Landscapes” (2017, Art Influence, Taiwan).

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