林淵 LIN YUAN (1913-1991)

Born in Yuchih Township, Puli, Nantou County, in 1913. Lin Yuan only began creating stone sculptures after he retired from farming at the age of 65. He used the most basic tools, such as hammer and chisel, for his sculptures. Lin Yuan worked continuously and tirelessly for 14 years until his demise at the age of 79, leaving behind a large collection of stone sculptures, wood sculptures, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, and works of embroidery. Without having any formal art education, Lin Yuan had become Taiwan’s most iconic amateur artist. Lin Yuan’s works showcase a rustic and natural style, and have attracted global attention. He had held tours at municipal cultural centers and museums, as well as oversea exhibitions in France, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Both Newer Stone Sculpture Park and Lin Yuan Museum opened in 1987; he participated in a joint exhibition held at Mu Shih Yuan Gallery in Taipei and held a touring exhibition at municipal cultural centers around Taiwan in 1990.

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