林達川 LIN DACHUAN (1912-1985)

Born in Xinhui, China. Guangdong Province, Lin attended National Hangzhou Art College when he was young. In 1932 he went to Japan to study abroad, and learned from Ryuzaburo Umehara and Yasui Sotaro. Graduated from the National Art College in Japan, and advanced into the Japan art scene since then, and joined the Japanese artist alliance. In 1949, his painting, "The Window Scenery” was shown at the 5th National Art Exhibition of Japan where it won a prestigious award. In 1953 he returned to China and began to teach in Zhejing Academy of Fine Arts. A prolific painter whose oeuvres numbers close to one thousand, many of which are now housed in overseas collections, local museums and are in part among the collection housed at the China Gallery of Fine Arts. Publications include “Lin Dachuan's Paintings”.

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