侯俊明 HOU CHUNMING (b.1963)

Hou Chunming, using the pseudonym "Six-Footed Hou Family" was born in Liujiao Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan. He is known for his bold and taboo-challenging artistic style with a ritualistic approach. He graduated from the National Art Academy in 1987. Since 1990, he has held solo exhibitions in various locations, including Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan. In 1988, he presented the work "Little Woman" and was invited to participate in the "Busan International Biennale. "His breakthrough piece," Sou Shen Ji "The Records of the Search for Gods", was unveiled in 1993, and in 1995, he represented Taiwan at the Venice Biennale under the auspices of the Taiwan Pavilion with this work.


Notable international exhibitions include "Paper Symbols - The Extension of Media," 2009, Hong Kong, Tang Gallery, "Always (as it was)", 2009, Thailand, Tang Gallery, and "Imagination Art Festival," 2010, France, Paris Saint Germain Gallery.

Some of his solo exhibitions include "Hou Chunming's Declaration of Resurrection," 2009, Chiayi City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau, "Hou Chunming Tokyo Solo Exhibition", 2010, Ohta Art Gallery Tokyo, and "Asian Father Interviews Exhibition", 2010, Thailand, VER Gallery. In recent years, his artistic focus has shifted towards spontaneous drawing and free writing for exploring the human psyche. His works are widely collected by art museums and private collectors both domestically and internationally.

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