保羅.賈曼 PAUL GUIRAMAND ( 1926-2008 )

Born in the town of Saint-Quentin, France. Figurative painter, sometimes close to abstraction, it is one of the young artists of the New School of Paris. In the early thirties he moved to Paris and became a witness to the violence of war torn France. Two years later he began to study design at the Ville de Paris. Under the guidance of Professor Maurice Brianchon, Guiramand continued his studies at the L’Ecole des Beaux- Arts School in 1943. Brianchon was most influential to Guiramand in his career. In 1952, he won first prize Rome1 he lived in Rome at the Villa Medici in 1953 to 19,562. On his return from Rome, he exhibited worldwide. Focusing on all technical, it will initiate in 1953 the engraving and lithography workshop Maurice Mourlot. It illustrates, in 1960, the works of Apollinaire and Hemingway will then move towards the mosaic.

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