洪凌 HONG LING (b.1955)

Hong Ling graduated from Beijing Capital Normal University with a BFA in 1979. In 1987, he completed the graduate program at China Central Academy of Fine Arts oil painting major. Today, he teaches oil painting as an associate professor. His thick texture of oil paint compliments the outline of ink, harmonizing the sensation of landscapes. The fusion of Western oil painting’s perspective and Eastern traditional skills in ink convey the union of spirit and nature. Hong Ling’s paintings have combined forms of solid, abstract, contour and imagery into a representation of history and cultural philosophy. Paintings have been shown in exhibitions such as the “7th Exhibition of Fine Arts”, “1st Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting on Scenery”, “1st and 2nd Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings”, 1994 Art Critics Annual Nomination Exhibition” He won many awards in the past and his painting titled “Autumn Field” is in the permanent collection of National Art Museum of China. His exhibitions include “Hong Ling: Contemporary Chinese Landscape Solo Exhibition” (2012, London, Asian Art Foundation); “Central Academy of Fine Arts: Chinese Figurative Oil Painting Group Exhibition” (2015, Shanghai); “Heaven and Earth – Hong Ling World Tour Exhibition” (2015, National Art Museum of China; 2016 London School of Asian and African Art; 2016-2017 Ireland, The Chester Beatty Library).

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