洪耀 HUNG YAO (b.1939)

Born in Sichuan, China, Huang Yao’s autonym was Huang Yaohua. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China in 1962 and taught by the master of Lingnan School of Painting, Guan Shanyue. In 1977, he taught in H.I.F.A., China, and created the first work of snapline. Later in 1996, he established the Wuhan Design School in China. Inspired by Luban’s fountain ink concept from ancient Chinese culture, Huang Yao develop his art of snapline. With the artistic expression of Chinese symbol and material, Huang presents the modern abstract forms beyond the boundary of space and time. From 1985, his works was widely shown at home and abroad, including: Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition, 1985; United Nation” International Camper Annual Exhibition”, 1987; US Congress Art Exhibition, 1989; Taipei Fine Arts Museum Biennial Exhibition, 1992; National Gallery Art Exhibition, Germany, 1996; “Beyond Boundaries, Across Timeline”, NCTU, Taiwan, 2008; China Contemporary Ink Art World Exhibition ”Ink-Not-Ink”, 2009; “Hung Yao, Snapline H.”, Shanghai Art Museum, China, 2009; “Hung Yao, Snapline H.”, Mingshan Art Gallery, Taipei, 2010; Art Festival Exhibition, Song Village, Beijing, China, 2010. His work “Looking Three Gorges” was preserved on the cliff of the Yangtze River.

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