紅膠囊 MR. RED (b.1971)

Born in Taiwan. Kuo Fa Hong, known as Mr. Red, the red capsule graduated from the Art Depertment of Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School, the Art Department of Dongfang High School of Industry and Commerce and the Department of Visual and Communication Design of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. Mr. Red’s artworks cover a wide genre and materials. He is known for illustration painting and compositions in the earlier years, he won The Best Reading Book Award from China Times, the Reader Award from United Daily News, Annual Best Graphic-Literary Book Award from Eslitebooks, and Best Author in the category of comic book from Jiang-Yi Magazine. He has gained attention with his foundation in Chinese ink and water along with digital visual language. He is most popular among young readers and his books won several best sellers. Other than that, he also worked with installation art, VJ shows, website design, product design, car paintings. He even participated in performing television drama. His focus has shifted to oil painting in recent years and still active among exhibitions and art expos domestic and internationally.

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