胡坤榮 HU KUNJUNG (b.1955)

Born in Sanchun, Hu Kun-Jung Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan Collect of Art in 1977. With the influence and encouragements of Chen Shi-Ming, Hu Kun-Jung began to study the techniques and concepts of Western modern art. In 1982, he held his graduation exhibition at the American Cultural Center. In 1984, Longman Art Gallery held his solo exhibitions: “A Different Dimension- Theme of Space Color Variations” (1984) and “Space Salvation” (1985). Both exhibitions discusses the mergence of space, colors and composition, the exhibitions became one of the most controversial and progressive exhibitions of the time. In 1999, Hu decided to move to Paris, after nearly 10 years he returned to Taiwan. By then, he participated in many group exhibitions where his artworks exhibited at important art museums. Recent exhibitions include: “Conceptual Art Form- Five Abstract Artists Exhibition” (2011, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan); “Unbalanced Perfections: Hu Kun-Jung Solo Exhibition” (2015, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan).    


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