胡奇中 HU CHICHUNG (1927-2012)

Born in Zhejiang, China, Hu Chichung immigrated to California, US in the 70s. He held several art exhibitions and is one of the May Art Association members. In the early years of his career, he is known for painting horses and teenage girls. His art style is unique combining the brushstroke and natural sand stones to add a more cubical feeling to his art works. “Sand Painting” became the most unique characteristics of the artist. In 1949, he relocated to Taiwan along with the army and continued art creation. In 1955, he attended the shooting championship as a representative of Taiwan and visited the art museums in the west coast. He was deeply touched by abstract expressionist art works and they echoed with his childhood dreams. After returning to Taiwan, he founded the “Si Hai Art Association” when he sometimes will paint on flour bags. Later he joined the May Art Association and became of the representatives of Taiwanese modern art movements.


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