胡念祖 HU NIENTSU (b.1927)

Born in Hunan, China. In 1946, Hu was admitted to the Nanking College of Fine Arts majoring in Chinese Painting. In 1948, he studied Chinese landscape painting under the master painter, Huang Chun-Pi, and in the following year, he came to Taiwan with Huang. In 1951, he became a teaching assistant at the Taiwan Province Normal College (now the National Taiwan Normal University), where he also studied Chinese Northern-school landscape painting under Pu Hsin-yu. In 1959, Hu started teaching at the National College of Fine Arts (now the National Taipei University of Arts). He later resigned from his teaching post to concentrate in his landscape paintings. Hu has held more than a hundred exhibitions in Taiwan and abroad. He received an honorary doctorate of arts from Dewey University in the US where he also exhibited his works, marking a new page in East-West exchange.

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