胡崇賢 HU CHUNGHSIEN (1912-1989)

Born in 1912, Hu Chung-Hsien started photography in elementary school. He later became a reporter for the Suzhou Morning News, and founded the “Coral Photography Agency” that specialized in human portraiture. He entered “Inspiration Group” photography stock in 1937, and became the official photographer for Chiang Kai-Shek, the president of the Republic of China. Because, he was highly valued and trusted by the president and First Lady, he served the post for over thirty-five years, until the president’s passing in 1975. His work also received high praise from artist Long Chinsan and Chang Daqian. In 1980, Chang Daqian invited Hu to his garden, where Hu took several photos of his plum blossoms and lotus. Chang admired these photographs so much that he made poems and wrote on the pictures to praise how beautifully Hu captured the essence of these flowers. Pacific Asia Museum in California, held “Adobe of Illusions- The Garden of Chang Daqian” in 1983 - the year of Chang Daqian’s passing, featuring the work of Hu Chung-Hsien, where he achieve exposure and fame.


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