胡善餘 HU SHANYU (1909-1993)

Born in Guangdong, China, Hu Shang-Yu attended Hangzhou Fine Arts Academy In 1922, where he received guidance from artist Lin Fengmian. In 1932, he enrolled in Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts, Paris, with exceptional grades, his artwork was nominated for the Spring Salon with great honors. He returned to China in 1935, and would teach at Chongqing National Normal University, National Academy of Arts and Central Academy of Art. Since 1980, he held solo exhibitions in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanking, Kumming and more. Meanwhile, Shanghai Citizen Fine Arts published “Hu Shan-Yu Oil painting Anthology”. In September 1992, ZheJiang Artist Association, Shanghai Artists Association, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and Shanghai Art Museum together held a toured exhibition in his honor, titled “Hu Shan-Yu 60 Years Retrospective Exhibition” as well as “Hu Shan-Yu Oil Painting Workshop”, both received great reviews. His oil paintings are acquired by Chinese Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Nanjing Art Museum, Zhejiang Museum of Natural History and other large collections internationally. 

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