宮銘 GONG MING (b. 1972)

Born in Inner Mongolia, China, Gong Ming pursued his art education at the Release Armed Forces Art Academy in 1993, and graduated in 1995. He participated in the prestigious 2001, 2004 and 2005 Chinese Art Expo held in Beijing, China. Other exhibitions include:” Beijing Landscape Painting Exhibition by young artists”, Beijing Today Museum, China, 2003; “China Ministry of Culture Renowned Artists”, Beijing,, China, 2003; “Charity Event”, Beijing,, China, 2003; “True Color Space Group Exhibition” , Beijing 798, China, 2006; “Michael Schultz Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Michael Schultz Gallery, Beijing and London, 2008. Gong Ming’s art works were collected by the gallery in China and Southeast Asia, as well as private collectors.

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