朱銘 JU MING (1938-2023)

Born in Miaoli, Taiwan, Ju Ming began his artistic training with Lee Chinchun, and was later educated in modern sculptures by artist Yu Yu Yang. The National Museum of History held Ju Ming’s first solo exhibition in 1976, featuring the work “Together” along with other wooden sculptures surrounding the theme of traditional Taiwanese heritage. Ju Ming conveyed the essence of the east and empowerment through his most prominent “Taichi Series”, which secured his status in the international art world. He exhibited at the Paris Vendome Exhibition Center in 1997 and established the Ju Ming Museum in Chishan, Taipei in 1999. He won the 93rd Ministry of Culture Annual Award in 2004. His works can be found in the collections of major museums, educational foundations, and government-owned collections. His recent exhibitions include: “Portrayed World” Ju Ming sculpture exhibition” (2014, Hong Kong Museum of Arts) and “The Great Expedition: 2016 Exhibition of Ju Ming’s Collection” (2016, New Taipei Province, Ju Ming Museum); “Free Handing the World – Ju Ming’s Living World of Ink” (2017, New Taipei Province, Ju Ming Museum); “Lining World Series – Ballet” (2018, New Taipei Province, Ju Ming Museum). “Ju Ming Latest Exhibition: Living World Series- Ballet” (2018, New Taipei Province, Ju Ming Museum).

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