屠宏濤 TU HONGTAO (b.1976)

Born in 1976 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, Tu Hongtao graduated from the high school of Sichuan Fine Arts institute in 1995 and attained a scholarship from Taiwan Li Zhongsheng Foundation in 1998. Tu graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts in 1000 and currently works and resides in Chengdu Province. Tu persistently participated in extensive number of exhibitions both home and abroad. Selected exhibitions include, “Up-Down-Left-Right”, The Modern Art Museum, Chengdu, 2001; “Painting Art Exhibition”, Sichuan Art Museum, 2003 ; “Living in Chengdu-Shenzhen”, Contemporary Oil Painting Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum Shenzhen, 2005; “18 Artists”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore,2005 ; Tu also contributed in biennales and art fairs such as, “ARCO Art Fair”, Spain, 2006; Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, 2006; and Dual Realities, “The 4th Seaoul international Media Art Biennale”, Seaoul, 2006; “Beyond Dimension-Chinese New Painting”, Contemporary Art Exhibition Si Fang Art Museum, Nanjing, 2006; “Aberrant Image, Invitation Exhibition of China Contemporary Oil”, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, 2006; “Labyrinth”, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, New York , 2008; “Starting from Southwest”, Guangdong Art Museum, China ,2007; “Anmiamix : From Modernity to Eternity”, MOCA, Shanghai, 2007and“Intumate Trend – Painting from Sichuan and Taiwan”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei,2008.

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