崔彥偉 CUEI YANWEI (b.1963)

Cuei Yan Wei was born in Shijiazhuang, China in 1963. He graduated from the mural department of Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and remain to teach at the school afterwards. He is currently a member of the Chinese Artist Association and professor of the drawing department at National Tsinghua University. His important exhibitions include: “New Century Beijing Artist Invitation Exhibition” (2000, Crown Plaza Beijing); “Art and Science International Exhibition” (2001, New York); “International Sketch Exchange Exhibition” (2003, Xi’an, Beijing and Guanzhou); “The 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Art Exhibition” (Beijing, China); “Jiansu Art Salon Invitation Exhibition” (2005, Nanjing, China); “Art Tsing Hua” (2011, Beijing National Tsinghua University Art Center).

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