康有為 KANG YOUWEI (1858-1927)

Born in in Nanhai, Guangdong province. Kang was a Chinese scholar, noted calligrapher and prominent political thinker and reformer of the late Qing Dynasty. Kang came from a scholarly gentry family in the district of Nanhai in Guangdong province. His teacher imbued him with the Confucian ideal of service to society, and his study of Buddhism impressed him with its spirit of compassion. Besides prolific writings on the Chinese Classics, politics, and economics, Kang also left travel accounts and an anthology of his poems; he was also a famous calligrapher. His calligraphic education, thus, his inherent knowledge for this type of visual art, that over the centuries had developed a strong bond with the scholar-officials. Throughout his life, Kang Youwei, has dedicated time and energy to the art of calligraphy, acquiring a ample theoretical and practical knowledge, later merged in his compendium published in 1891, entitled Guang yi zhou shuang ji (廣藝舟雙楫).

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