張和平 ZHANG HEPING (b.1964)

Born in 1964, Zhang He-Ping graduated from Shandong University of Arts, and served as a member of the Chinese Artists Association. His paintings are often categorized as western oil painting, yet he does not emphasize on capturing realism or a complete composition, instead his aim is to create “ambience.” His style is characterized with free-flowing lines, spontaneity, and bold color theory. In 1994, he was invited to participate in the “Chinese Atmospheric Oil Painting Exhibition” held in Malaysia and Singapore. His work “Grass Field One, Two” was acquired by the National Visual Arts Gallery of Malaysia. In 2003, he held a solo exhibition at the Beijing International Plaza Museum, his work “Flower Series No.3” was nominated for the 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Featured Exhibition. Furthermore, his series “Water Village” was published in the book “100 Contemporary Oil Painter.” His artworks were shown at the Beijing Art Fair in 2007, and Taichung Eva Air Hotel exhibition in 2008.

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