張傑 ZHANG JIE (b.1963)

Born in Chongqing, China, Zhang Jie graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Academy Oil Painting Department in 1988; presently he is the professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, a member of Chinese Artist Association, and the vice-chairman of Chongqing Culture Development Research board. His works were nominated for the 3rd Asia and Europe Art Biennale, the 7th National Art Exhibition, the 50th anniversary of Chinese oil painting Commemorate Lectures, the 1st Annual Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, the 1st China Landscape Painting Exhibition and many other nationwide art exhibitions. In 2014, he entered the Nanjing International Art Exhibition, and was a four-time winner for provincial outstanding prize. His works exhibited in US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Congo and more. His creations can also be seen in international and domestic auction, collected by many important museums and private collectors. Publication includes “Tradition and Modern—Zhang Jie Oil Painting Series.” Recent Exhibition: “Forever Companions on the Road – Exhibition of Eight Schoolmates from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute” (2018, China, Guan Shanyue Art Museum)

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