李奇茂 LI CHIMAO (1925-2019)

Born in Woyang, Anhui, Li Chimao graduated from Department of Fine Arts, Fu Hsing Kang College, and has a PhD in Literature from Dankook University in South Korea. Back home, he learned painting from Lu Hua-shih; after coming to Taiwan, he entered the Department of Fine Arts at Fu Hsing Kang College, and studied under the Liang Ting-ming brothers. After he graduated in 1956, Li became a lecturer at Fu Hsing Kang College in 1959. In 1976, Li became a full-time instructor and director of Department of Fine Arts, National Academy of Arts. In 1971, Li was invited by National Museum of History to create one hundred paintings for “The Pictorial Biography of Dr. Sun Yat-sen” and “History.” In 1977, Li was honored by Dankook University with the establishment of “Li Chimao Painting Scholarship.” In 1987, San Francisco City recognized him by designating November 29 as “Li Chimao Day.” Li has won the Gold Award at the Fifth National Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition, Gold Award at the First and Fourth National Soldiers’ New Arts and Culture Awards, the Tenth Chinese Writers’ and Artists’ Association Fine Arts Award, and the Second Zhongshan Arts Award. In 1973, Li received award from Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education, that recognized his cultural contributions, and was also honored with a Cultural Contribution Award by President Chiang Kai-shek. He has held solo exhibitions at museums, galleries, and cultural centers in various countries. His recent exhibitions include: “Expressiveness, Ink Painting, Love” Li Chimao Special Exhibition (2012, Taiwan, Beitou Plum Garden), “Transfiguring Intent” Li Chimao Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition (2013, Taiwan, National Taiwan University of the Arts), and “Land on Sentiments – An Exhibition of Li Chimao’s Ink Paintings” (2014, Taipei, The General Association of Chinese Culture). “Li Chimao: New Thinking of Painting and Calligraphy Campus Special Exhibition” (2016, Taipei, FJU Art Gallery at the Fu Jen University Art Institue).

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