張炳堂 CHANG PINGTANG (1928-2013)

Chang Pingtang was born in Tainan, graduated from National Tainan Commercial Vocational School. At the age of 13, his work “Da Cheng Square” made it to the 7th TaiYang Exhibition. When he was 14, his “Morning Temple” was exhibited in the 5th Taiwan Government Fine Art Exhibition. In 1949, he we nominated in the Taiwan Fine Art Exhibition, Taiyang Exhibition in 1951, and the 4th Faculty Exhibition Exemption. In addition to being a member of Taiyang Fine Arts Organization, he was also one of the founders of The Study on Tainan Fine Arts, in which became one of the most influential organizations in the art industry of Southern Taiwan. In 1988, He attended the Central and Southern American Tour hosted by the Council of Cultural Affairs, rewarded with Tainan Fine Arts Award and gold medal from the National Museum of History National Gallery Exhibition. Chang Pingtang is fond of valiantly painting with vibrant and contrasted colors, in which the distinctive colors draw a unique resemblance to European wild animals. His peculiar works are solo-exhibited in various art museums, cultural centers and galleries.

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