許敏雄 HSU MINGHSIUNG (b.1955)

Born in Taichung, Taiwan. Hsu Ming-Hsiung graduated from the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan University in 1997. He won a silver medal at the National Oil Painting Exhibition in 1987. In 1999 he received an honorary award from the Asian Pacific Art Institute of America. From 1995 to 1997, he studied at the California Institute of the Arts. He taught at the National Taiwan University of Arts and National Taichung University of Science and Technology. He served as the editor in chief in the newspaper office and wrote several book on sculpture, painting, graphic and other aesthetics. His recent exhibitions include: “Hsu Ming-Hsiung Collection Exhibition” (2010, Fei Hwang Art Center); “Hsu Ming-Hsiung Oil Painting Solo Exhibition” (2012, National Hsinchu Art Museum); “Hsu Ming-Hsiung Solo Exhibition” (2013, Taipei, Shanghai).

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