許深州 HSU SHENCHOU (1918-2005)

Hsu Shen-Chou was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan. He graduated from school in Taipei, he entered the “South Sea Institution of Painting” to learn gouache paintings from artist Lu Tieh-Chou, which led to his decision in pursuing an artistic career. During the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, many young Taiwanese artists were fascinated by the newly medium of gouache on silk. Hsu Shen-Chou , He participated in “Taiwan Exhibition” and “Government Exhibition” as well as “Taipei Provincial Art Exhibition”, “Taiyan Art Exhibition” and more. He won many awards, and earned his place in the art field. He would paint decorative elements such as flowers and birds with realistic approach, and depict people with strong characteristics of a certain era. His passion for painting and nature gave him microscopic gaze, through concise techniques he can convey his subject with any medium from pencil sketch, watercolor to ink. His exhibitions include “Eye of the Territory- Lu Tieh-Chou and Hsu Shen-Chou Memorial Exhibition” (2016, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan)


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