許維忠 HSU WEIJONG (b.1959)

Born in Yilan, Taiwan, Hsu Weijong started sculpturing after he graduated National Taiwan University of Arts. His artwork was once awarded with State Art Exhibition three years in a row, earning him a permanent exempt to examinations. Human body has always been Hsu Weijong’s topic of interest. He deforms fragments of body parts using techniques such as transformation, rotation, and flattening to recreate a final in-complete form and structure. His personal recognition towards women’s body and the tension within modern generation has reflected through his creations. In which he had an honor to have his works appreciated and collected by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In 1980, he was awarded with 1st New Comer Award in “Tai-Yang Arts Exhibition”. 1981, he received Honorable Mention from “Taipei Arts Awards”. In 1984, the piece, “Instructor Chang” was given County Awards by the “Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition. In 1985, “Roadside Construction” received “Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition” 1st award. “Disaster” received Merit Awards from “Taiwan National Exhibition Committee for Arts”.

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