丁雄泉 WALASSE TING (1929-2010)

Born in Jiangsu, China, Wallace Ting was enrolled in Shanghai School of Arts. He moved to Hong Kong in 1946. Then he moved to Paris in 1952, where he formed close relations with members of the “Cobra Art group”. In 1960, he immigrated to New York, where he became involved with Pop artists. In 1977, he was awarded a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and published “Red Mouth”, a book of erotic drawings and paintings. Since 2001, he has resided in Amsterdam and published a collection of poems titled “1 Cent Life” surrounding the original prints of many American and European artists. Ting exhibited all around the world, also published numerous art catalogues. His vibrant paintings and lithographs are widely collected by museums including: Metropolitan Museum in New York, MoMA, Guggenheim Museum and many more. Important exhibition: “From Heroic Expression to Resplendant Color: Walasse Ting Retrospective Exhibition” (2010, Taiwan, Taipei Fine Art Museum); “The Floral Journal- Walasse Ting Solo Exhibition” (2011, Beijing, Soka Art Center); “Walasse Ting prints Exhibition” (2011, Kaohsiung, Sincewell Gallery); “Kaleidoscope- Walasse Ting, Chen Liu, Zou Cao Exhibition” (2014, Taichung, Modern Art Gallery); “Walasse Ting: Le voleur de fleurs” (2016, France, Musée Cernuschi-Musée de la ville de Paris); “Walasse Ting: A Symphony of Colour” (2017, China, Alisan Fine Arts).

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