許禮憲 HSU LIHSIEN (b.1947)

Hsu Lih-Sien was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He took the post of professor in the Sculpture Department at National Hualian University of Education. He was the chairman of the Republic of China Sculpture Society, jury member of the National Art Exhibition Sculpture Review Committee, member of the Hualian Art Exhibition, and consultant at the Hualian County Stone Sculptural Museum. Hsu’s artwork embodies distinctive characteristics inspired by Han Dynasty Jade and Ancient Egyptian sculptures. His lines and surfaces emphasize the effects of light and shadows, with multi-medium he successfully conveys the many appearances of life. He won the 1997 Hualian International Stone Sculpture competition, his work “The Signs of Life – Growing No.2” was also awarded at the 95th Kaohsiung International Sculpture Camp, currently acquired by Taiwan Public Art Museum. Exhibition includes: “Love of the Land- Hsu Lih-Hsien Art Work Exhibition” (2013, Hualian, Taiwan). The artist believes the harmonious relationship between style, form and medium are the key elements in sculpture. Sculpture is similar to a three-dimensional game, its aestheticism is ever-changing with the direction of lights and different angles. Although a sculpture is a lifeless form, it can transform the surrounding environment. The artist worked in multi-medium to welcome endless possibilities

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