陳二夫 CHEN ERFU (b.1965)

Chen Erfu was born in Jiangsu, China, since an early age he was deeply influenced by artist Chen Dayu and his father, which resulted in his pursuit in learning calligraphy and painting. In 1989, he graduated from the Suzhou University of Art. He later enrolled in the Jiangnan Art academy where he became acquainted with Liu Haisu and many other artists. He is currently the vice principle of Suzhou Jiangnan Art Academy, curator of Suzhou Juxu Xuan Art Museum and the professor of Suzhou University of Science and Technology. His work “Sunset Impression” was nominated and awarded. Other honorable mentions include his work “Poetic Essence” which was also nominated and “Pacific Customs” that received second place in overseas competitions. His work titled “Age” celebrated the return of Hong Kong, the painting in now in the collection of Hong Kong International Artist Association. His new work “Spring Village” stood out in more than 5000 submissions, and was nominated for the “Jiangnan in Paintings- 2015 Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition”. His renowned works include “Yangtze River Series”, “Chinese Rose Series” and “Historic Towns Series” are now in important private collections.

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