陳平 CHEN PING (b.1960)

Chen Ping is a native of Beijing, and was born in December 1960. Chen Ping is an accomplished contemporary Chinese ink painter known for his landscape paintings. He graduated from the School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, in 1984, and stayed on as an instructor. In 19985, Chen was selected to the Beijing International Young Artists Exhibition. In 1997, Chen was reappointed to the Academy of Traditional Chinese Paintings as a professional painter, and returned to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 as a professor of Chinese Painting; Chen taught landscape painting, and instructed graduate students and PhD students. Chen is currently Class 1 Artist, professor of Chinese Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the Chinese Artists’ Association, a member of Chinese Calligraphers’ Association, and a member of Chinese Poetry Society. Chen has held “Fei Wa Villa—Chen Ping Exhibition” (2000, Beijing, the National Art Museum of China), and “Chen Ping Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” (1995, Beijing, Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace). Chen creates in diverse disciplines, and has published “Chen Ping Landscape Paintings Catalogue,” “Chen Ping Calligraphy Catalogue,” “Chen Ping Seal Carving Catalogue,” and “Chen Ping Poetry Collection;” he has also written four plays.

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