Chen Cheng Hsiung was born in Tainan, Taiwan, at the tender age of fourteen, he began his wood-carving career as an apprentice in a local temple, where he created Buddhist sculptures. He is currently a member of the Japan Shinkouzou Art Association, and The Sculpture Society of Taiwan. He has won many awards including: “Mayor’s Award of Tainan Art Exhibition” (1970、1978); “Wusanlien Award”(1983); “Sculpture Award of Shinkouzou Exhibition” (1989, Japan). His important exhibitions include: “Award of the Sinkouzou Exhibition” (1984, Japan); “Solo Exhibition” (1987, Taipei, National Taiwan Museum of History); “Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum Opening Exhibition” (1990, Taiwan, Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum); “International Art Fair” (2003, Seoul, Korea); “Wood Sculpture Exhibition” (2013, Sanyi Sculpture Society); “Life and Scar: Wood Sculpture Solo Exhibition” (2013, Taichung, Ho Ho Arts), “Chen Cheng Hsiung Retrospective Exhibition: 1953-2013” (2014, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan) (2014, China Art Mseum, Shanghai); “Chen Cheng Hsiung Wood Craft Exhibition” (2015, Taichung, Ho Ho Art); “Flames of War- Bronze Sculptures by Chen Cheng Hsiung” (2016, Taichung, Ho Ho Art). “Heartwarming Temperature – Autumn Sculpture Exhibition” (2018, Tainan, Evergreen Plaza hotel). His works can be seen in the collection of National Taiwan Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and National Museum of History.

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