陳君魏 CHEN JIUNWEI (b.1967)

Born in Shanxi, China, Chen Jiun-Wei is currently a lecturer in the Department of Oil Painting at the Xian Academy of Fine Arts. Chen has participated in numerous art exhibitions, and his works have been collected by art institutions and private collectors both in China and overseas. Chen was admitted to the Department of Oil Painting, Xian Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. In 1992, he participated in National Art Academy Students’ Drawing Exhibition. He graduated in 1993, and remained with the academy as a faculty member. In 2004, Chen was nominated to the Fine Arts Document Nomination Exhibition. He participated in “Contemporary Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition” (2001, Xian), “Change of Direction—Contemporary Artists Invitation Exhibition” (2003, Chongqing), “Embracing the New Century: Third China National Exhibition of Oil Paintings” (2003, Beijing), “Sharing-Renewing” Xian Paintings Exhibition (2004, Xian), “1994 Oil Paintings Salon,” and “Third Works of Arts Exhibition of Chinese Sports.” Chen was the recipient of the Luo Zhongli Oil Painting Scholarship by Mountain Arts, Culture, and Education Foundation in Taiwan. Not only have his works been compiled into major professional documentary albums, they have also been featured by professional magazines including “Modern Art,” “Art Contemporary,” “Pictorial,” “Contemporary Artists,” “Leap Magazine,” “Chinese Oil Paintings,” and “Meiyuan.”

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