陳定山(米叟) CHEN DINGSHAN (MI SOU) (1897-1987)

Chen Ding-Shan was born in Zhejiang Province, Well versed in painting and poetry, he took the post of curator at the Shao-Zhi Museum, and founded the Shanghai Calligraphy Association and Chinese Art Association. Chen first studied the calligraphy style of artist Huang Shan-Gu and later the style of Yu Yong-Xing, however he was influenced the most by calligrapher Chu He-Nan. Upon studying the style of the masters, he established a solid foundation for himself. His early calligraphy style is free-spirited with flowing lines, whereas his later style is vigorous and heavy. In poetry, his choice of words are refined and characterized with his own distinct flair. In 1951, Chen Ding-Shen exhibited in “Ten Book Fair” at the National History Museum along with other artists including Lee Chao-Zai, Chen Zi-He, Wang Chuang-Wei and more. He continued to exhibit every year at the National Museum of History, as well as St. John’s University. Due to old age, the annual-exhibition eventually came to an end. Today, he is the author of “Qing Ming Five Hundred Years of Art Movements,” “Recent Hundred Years of Famous Painting,” “Ding Shang Poetry Collection” and many more.

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