陳飛 CHEN FEI (b.1983)

Born in Shanxi in 1983, Chen Fei graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2005, and currently resides and works in Beijing. Chen Fei’s works focus on everyday life, delicately depicting personal emotions and observations on life. In the past, works by many so-called comic/cartoon artists featured comic-style characters; however, Chen Fei’s creative works comprehensively reflect emotions, characters, background, and creative ideas behind the works. This is what makes Chen’s works stand out in today’s world. He is not simply drawing comics; rather, he uses this artistic language he is more familiar with to convey his profound concerns regarding living and the various feelings and values of life. Solo Exhibition: 2014 “Chen Fei: Flesh and Me,” Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong; 2011 “Stranger,” Today Art Museum, Beijing; 2010 “Bad Taste,” Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong; 2009 “One-Track Mind,” Star Gallery, Beijing.

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