傅抱石 FU BAOSHI (1904-1965)

Born in Jiangxi, China, Fu is an extraordinary master of Chinese painting, seal cutting, fine arts history commentary and fine arts education of China in the 20th century. Original named as Changsheng, Fu changed his name to Baoshi due to the admiration of Shi Tao, and dedicated to study Shi Tao’s biography and creations during his whole life. In 1921, Fu attended the Jiangxi First Normal University, and went to Japan to study the History of Oriental Art in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1933. Two years later, upon invitation of Xu Beihong, Fu began to teach at the department of Arts of Central University (nowadays Nanjing University). Later in 1960, the Jiangsu Province Chinese Painting Institute was established, and Fu served as its Director; in the same year, Fu led Jiangsu Chinese Painting Sketch Team to make sketches through six provinces and one municipality along 23,000 miles, creating numerous and fresh-look Chinese landscape paintings. Later, Fu made more sketches in northeast China, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Hunan, he even led China Artists Troupe to visit East Europe, including Czech and Romania. The works and creating style completed during this period has a great impact on the Chinese art scene. Fu left thousands of paintings in his whole life, and once held many exhibitions of paintings in China, wining him favorable comments due to the unique technique encompassing many varieties within traditional rules. Fu also left academic articles of more than 2 million words, paying a tribute to descendants of the motherland and establishing his status as a representative landscape painter of his time.

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