李梁 LEE LIANG (b.1985)

Lee Liang is an up and coming artist born in Luoyang, China currently working in Beijing.He was accepted into Central Academy of Fine Art in 2003 with a scholarship when he presented his oil painting titled “Young Women”. In 2004, he transferred from fundamental program to oil painting major. His painting “Still Life” was awarded with Best Color, and even nominated for Best Works of 2005- Central Academy of Fine Arts, the painting was later acquired by a gallery. As a professional artist, Li Liang explained “Art is not a matter beauty, it should be a reflection of daily life”, thus he hopes to portray the most earnest feelings, and reality of life though his artworks. Solo exhibition includes: “Fragrance- CAFA outstanding graduates Li Liang, Wan Liang Exhibition” (2011, Beijing, Exclamation Art Space); “Inner Truth- Li Liang Exhibition” (2012, Taipei); “The Intention- Li Liang Oil Painting Exhibition” (2015, Beijing, IWC Art Space), “Li Liang Solo Exhibition” (2016, Beijing, 798 Art Gallery).

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