斯克拉林科‧安德列 SKLARENK ANDREI (b.1963)

Sklarenk Andrei is a Russian contemporary artist and folk painter. He graduated from the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting in Russia. He was a student of artist Oleg Arkadievich Eremeev, presently the vice professor of Repin State Academic Institute and member of the Russian Art Association Committee. He is deeply influenced by his heritage; through contemporary artistic expression he conveys sentimental views of our present-day society. He creates close up of familiar daily life adorned with unique and vibrant colors, the result is a dramatic and vivid image. Exhibitions records include: “Beauty is the Life- Exhibition of Sklarenk Andrei” (2007, Beijing, the National Art Museum of China); “Sklarenk Andrei Painting Exhibition” (2008, Ireland). His work was awarded at the Beijing International Art Fair. In 2008, his oil painting “The Beautiful Instance,” “Man and Woman” and “Goodbye” are now in the permanent collection at the National Art Museum of China.  

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