賀青 HE QING (b.1962)

He Qing was born in Shanghai, China, he graduated from the Shanghai University School of Fine Arts in 1982, and later graduated from the oil painting department at Musashino Art University. He Qing was invited as a guest painter for the NHK- Japan's national television station as art production and guidance, they broadcast up to hundreds of his paintings on TV. At the same time, he has also created numerous murals and oil paintings for museums and galleries across Japan. He also published a large number of books with major publishers such as Tokunshoten, Shogakukan, Shueisha and Asahishinbunsa, etc. His artworks are highly recognized and acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, making him one of the most famous Chinese artists in Japan. Amongst his major published work, he painted the covers of the following graphic novels: “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” “Historical Records” series written by Mitsuteru Yokoyama and “Gekka no Kishi” series. The paintings were well received by critics and broke records in number of reprints for each serial. Important award he received includes: All Japan with Prints Excellence Award (1992); Japan Asian Fine Art Exhibition Fuji Award (1988); Yasuda Fine Art Foundation Award (1994); American Portrait Association Art Exhibition Excellence Award (2004, 2006); North American most Authoritative American ARC International Salon Art Exhibition finalists and Excellence Award (2007-2014 for eight consecutive years). He Qing also participated in many collaborative and individual art shows in the galleries in Canada, America, China, Japan and Holland. He Qing's paintings are avidly collected by galleries and art connoisseurs.

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