黃土水 HUANG TUSHUI (1895-1930)

Huang Tushui was born in Monga, Taiwan. After graduating from the Teachers Training Department of Taipei Mandarin School (now National Taipei University of Education) in 1915, he undertook advanced studies in the Department of Wood Carving at the Tokyo Art School (now Tokyo University of the arts) after being recommended by a government officer that recognizes his talent, he rewarded with a scholarship. He was an excellent student and was trained by Japanese acclaimed sculptor Koun Takamura. His artworks were exceptional, they were nominated three times by the Japanese Imperial Art Exhibition, cureently they can be seen in the collections of Paris Museum and Tokyo National Museum. His most acclaimed artworks include: “Herd of Buffalos”. During 1920 to 1924, his artworks “Fan Child”, “Rain”, “Posing Woman”, “Outskirts” and “Buffalo” were all selected by the 2nd and 5th Imperial Art Exhibition. In 1926, he created the “Shakyamuni” sculpture for the Monga Longshan Temple. His work “Southern Style” was nominated for Prince Shotoku Show in 1927, and his “Buffalo Group” in 1920 and so on.

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