黃石元 HUANG SHI-YUAN (b.1965)

Huang Shi-Yuan was born in 1965 in Tongluo, Miaoli, Taiwan. Since early childhood, he was immersed in countless temples and traditional architectures in between fields and countryside. His older brothers are also working in the woodcarving industry. Nevertheless, he was a neighbor to the famous town of woodcarving, Sanyi. After serving in the military, he realized his passion for woodcarving and decided to return home and study the tradition and skills. Huang Shi-Yuan became an apprentice of Huang Juiyuan and a student of Ma Shuli, whom taught him fundamental skills and knowledge. Today, he is known for his mastery in meticulously fine details and individual attributes of human figures. Large exhibitions includes, “Slow Walk Series” Solo Exhibition (1997, Taichung, Taiwan), “Relics within Woods” Solo Exhibition (2002, Taichung Taiwan), “Such Enlightenment” Solo Exhibition (2004, Taiwan, Taichung), “Heart Like Walker” (2007, Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum), “Tour in the Woods” (2010, Taichung, Taiwan), “Tour in the Woods – Encounter – Huang Shiyuan Solo Sculpture Exhibition” (2012), “Only If – Tranquility – Huang Shiyuan Solo Sculpture Exhibition” (2012), “Travel with Eyes – Bronze Sculpture Solo Exhibition” (2013)

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