黃君璧 HUANG JUNBI (1898-1991)

Born in Guangdong, China. He was a famous modern artist adept at landscape painting. He once studied under Li Yao-ping to learn Chinese drawing and then entered Chu-ting Art Institute to learn western painting. He graduated from Guangdong Public School in 1919. He once initiated a school to teach painting and therefore was respected as teachers with many good pupils. He is regarded as a very indispensable artist and educator in the history of the Chinese art in the 20th century. Huang Junbi enjoyed equal fame with Xu Beihong and Chang Dai-Chien and had good friendship with them. The three artists are of great influence to the orientation of the modern Chinese painting art. It greatly influenced the development of his art to Taiwan after his arrival on the island in 1949. He not only made a combination between the traditional ink and the Taiwan landscape but also explored a new space for the ink painting ground.

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