黃坤伯 HUANG KUNBO (b.1974)

Born in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Huang graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in 1998, and received master diploma of National Taiwan University of Arts in 2006. Now he is professor in National of Arts. He has won many artistic prizes: “The 9th Chimei Art” (1997, Artist cultivation), “The 17th  NanYing Art Exhibitions” Oil Painting 1st prize. Jointed exhibitions: “Classic Oil Painting exhibitions”, Taipei, Taiwan, 2001; “International Printmaking Invitational Exhibition” ,2001, Zhongzheng Art Gallery, Taipei; “Surrealism—the Charm of Fine Painting Exhibition”, 2002, Mingzhan Art Space, Gaoxiong; “The 29th Nationwide College Printmaking Exhibition”, 2004, Machida Municipal International Printmaking Museum in, Tokyo; “Art Taipei 2008”, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan, 2008; “the 12th Shanghai Art Fair”, Shanghai MART, China, 2008. Recent Solo exhibitions include: “Huang KunBo Oil Painting Solo Exhibition” (2012, Taipei, The-Chun Art Gallery); “Huang KunBo Oil Painting Solo Exhibition Part II” (2012, Taipei, ELSA Art Gallery); “The 20 Years Retrospective of Huang Kun-Bo” (2014, Taipei, ELSA Art Gallery).

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