黃冑 HUANG ZHOU ( 1925-1997 )

Born in Li County, Hebei Province, China. Huang Zhou was a Chinese artist and collector who made great contributions to boosting modern Chinese art. He was also known as Liang Yezi, or Miao Di. He having witnessed the development of new China. Unlike his predecessors such as Xu Beihong and Jiang Zhao, who had studied abroad and applied the precise anatomy approach to traditional Chinese painting, Huang learned from Chinese artists Zhao Wangyun and Han Leran, who added traditional Chinese cultural elements to painting. Shortly after Xi'an was liberated on May 20, 1949, Huang joined the People's Liberation Army to record the life and work of that period via paintbrush for a magazine. Huang combined Western sketching skills and traditional Chinese painting to capture the movement of people and animals, which proved to be a huge success. His figure paintings depicted the vivid life scenes of Chinese ethnic groups and ordinary people, revealing a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. He led mainland Chinese painting to a new era.

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