黃柏仁 HUANG POREN (b.1970)

PoRen Huang was born in 1970, in the central part of Taiwan. His family have been in the wood-carving business for decades. After graduating from the sculpture department of Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School in 1989, he soon began to explore different media under the instruction of artist Kuo Chin-Chih. He received first place and a special mayor award in the Sculpture Division Competition held by Central Taiwanese Art in 1999; the same year his artworks were showcased at Art Taipei. Other exhibition includes: “Emotion of Track Exhibition” (2001, Miaoli Sculpture Museum, Taiwan) “Austria Graz International Sculpture Craft Workshop Exhibition” (2001, Austria), “The 1st International Miniature” (2002, Taipei, Taiwan). Taichung County Cultural Center archived his work “Wooden Horse” in 2004, and exhibited “The Dog’s Note New York Exhibition” while publishing his catalogue titled, “Iron Wood Forest: The Dog’s Note.” The work "Happy Time of the Dog’s Note" was later acquired by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 2006. His work “Pissed Off” is acquired by Taichung County Cultural Center in 2013. His other Iron sculpture, titled “Godly Archer” is included in the art textbooks for Long-Lia Secondary School. Recent exhibitions include: “The Dog’s Note: Huang Po-Ren Solo Exhibition” (2014, Taichung, Powen Gallery), “The Dog’s Note Solo Exhibition” (2015, New York, WAH), “The Dog’s Note Solo Exhibition” (2016, Berlin, Aquabitart Gallery)

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