黃秋月 HUANG CHIOUYUE (b.1965)

Huang Chiou Yue was born in Taichung, Taiwan, she has been fond of painting since an early age. A unique trait her art embodies is rich, vibrant, saturated colors that are hard to miss in her work, and used to conveys the sentiments in her life. After graduating from the Fine Arts Department, she is fully devoted to exploring all possibilities of painting, she finds her inspiration from everyday life. Her artwork demonstrates a childlike charm that is both bold and innocent. She can covert a pictorial image into a mental visual, though the reinterpretation of nature, analyzing and reassembly, a new figurative in constructed. Her awards include: The 50th Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition, First Prize in Oil Painting at the First Dadun Fine Arts Exhibition. Her solo exhibitions include: “Floating Light. Skipping Shadow” Solo Exhibition (2007, Taichung, Da Ku Art Gallery), “Precious and Rare Fragments—Creation Exhibition by Huang Chiouyue” (2011, Taichung City Seaport Art Center). Joint exhibitions: “Journey – Painting Mood – Cross Straight Oil Paintings Exhibition” (2009, Beijing, China), and “X-7 Alliance” (2013, Taichung, Fun Year Art Gallery). Her works can be found in major collections at various municipal cultural centers in Taiwan.

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