廖堉安 LIAO YUAN (b.1979)

Born in Taipei. Taiwan. Liao graduated from Tainan National University of Arts In 2003, he received a 1st price in Taipei Art Awards. Liao made for himself a theater of possibilities that has embraced deeply personal moments of his life and his insecurities, as well as some astute observation on the society in which he finds himself as a young artist. Being an emerging artist, Lao Yu-an already had several solo exhibitions., which including "I think what I am" , Shin Leh Yu-an Art Space,Taipei, Taiwan, 2003; "Perplexity", Absolutely SPP, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2004; "Drowse", Butchart International Contemporary Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan, 2007; "Death Pretentious", IT Park, Taipei, Taiwan, 2007; "Fondle Without Tenderness" ,Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2008.

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