熊秉明 HSIUNG PINGMING (1922-2002)

Hsiung Ping-Ming was born in Nanjing, China, he was the son of famous mathematician Hsiung Chin-Lai. Ping-Ming is a philosopher, poet, sculptor, and art critic. In 1947, he received a government scholarship to study in France in the department of sculptural at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris. He won Order of Academic Palms from Ministry of National Education, France, and organized the “Exhibition of Chinese Artists in Paris.” In March 2002, he created a grand-scale sculpture titled “Willing Ox” for Nanjing University in celebration of the centenary of the school. The sculpture is placed on main campus. During his time in Europe, he was a member of the Chinese Language Writers in Europe Association. Human body and animal are major themes in Hsiung’s sculptures; whether it was his philosophical reflections on life or creative practice of art, Hsiung incorporated Western and Eastern ideas and Chinese cultural spirituality. His exhibitions include: “Hsiung Pingming Solo Exhibition” (1996, Taipei, Taiwan, Feiyuan Gallery), “Hsiung Pingming’s Art: An Odyssey Abroad and Back” (1999, Beijing, China, Chinese Museum of Fine Art), “Perfection, Serenity, Substance, Unrestraint” Chen Hsiayu, Hsiung Pingming, Hsia Yan Sculpture Exhibition (2010, Taipei, Taiwan, Eslite Gallery), and “Breeze from Paris” (2014, Taipei, Taiwan, Eslite Gallery).

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